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Liquid, Elastic or Hybrid- how to get page to scale according to browser window size

I am working in DW CS3 (don't know a lot of CSS yet, so I am using DW as a tool to help). Wondering what setting I would want to start my page in - elastic, liquid or hybrid- to get the web page I ... Read more

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CSS how to question

The image below is a header I created in photoshop. What I would like to happen is that no matter what screen resolution is used the blue bar at the top takes up exactly 50% of the page and onl... Read more

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Page will not appear on some devices(?)

I'm no javascript expert but someone helped me along with the code on this page - and it appears to work perfectly (clicking thumbnails reveals div with content above), but when viewed on an iPhone... Read more


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Problems And Improvments

I am trying to start my own website business, so I have started by making my own portfolio to get recognized, so my question is do you see any problems with my website or something I could do to i... Read more


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How do you format code properly?

I hand-code everything in Notepad and by the time I'm done, it usually works but it can look like a mess to anyone but me. How do you format your HTML and CSS code properly and what do you use... Read more

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Same CSS style sheet, different position for each page?

I am making a navigation bar that will show up on the bottom of each page; however, each page is a different length. When I first created the nav bar, I moved the styles to an external style sheet ... Read more

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How do you style <pre> / <code> text to show different colours for different tags/languages

I've seen some sites, including Doctype, show blocks of code using different colours for different languages or tag parts. Below is an example of the styling I am referring to: head... Read more

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