Is it OK to use different colors (that are not found anywhere on the website) for logo?

Hi, Some time ago a designer created a website layout for me and the design has only several colors: blue, gray, dark gray (almost black). Later I worked with another designer who created the lo... Read more

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Soft red to green palette for organization

I'm working on a website that does some task management, presenting assigned tasks in order of urgency. Currently there are seven levels of urgency. I'm looking for a color palette that is soft (al... Read more

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Choosing colors for a new website

Hi, I need to design a new website, where I'm supposed to use the following red (in HTML notation): 9B0000 since it is contained in the customer logo. I'd like some advice on which colo... Read more

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How to determine a complementary color?

I currently use Color Schemer Studio to assist me in creating color palettes. I have a specific green that I am using (#B9DE56) and would like to know what a complementary reddish color would be to... Read more

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