I have problems using CSS text-transform: uppercase; on IE6

Hello: I am trying to make everything I type in certain text fields to be capital letters, and I am using text-transform: uppercase; in the CSS file. And it works perfectly fine on my computer, bu... Read more

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Internet Explorer 6 ignoring class

Here's a strange bug in Internet Explorer 6. <!DOCTYPE html> Test page ... Read more

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CSS Mega Menu IE6

I have created a menu with drop downs entirely out of CSS that works perfectly fine in IE8/FF, however, it doesn't work at all in IE6. Unfortunately, I have to target IE6 as a good proportion of ou... Read more

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Part of a div not being hidden

Hi guys, I'm working on this site - http://dev.chriscurddesign.co.uk/mayday It works in everything other than IE7 and IE8 in compatibility mode (don't care about IE6), where the vacancies lis... Read more

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Browser Layout Discrepancy

I am trying to fix the browser layout problem for IE8 (and likely other IE versions) for the website gracepointaustin.org. The site looks as intended on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. In IE, the tabl... Read more


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Website not appearing as it should in ie<8

Could someone explain to me why there is a blue border around the image on this page that has an image map when viewed in ie7? Also, why is the grey border around the container div not displayin... Read more


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Spacing issues on navigation and form in IE7

I'm able to get my site to display as expecting in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE8. However, there is an issue I can't seem to resolve in IE7. See below for a portion of the screenshot (from ... Read more

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Is it fine from compatibility point of view to use Font "Comic Sans MS" in my website?

I want to use "Comic Sans MS" font in my website, and i am not sure if this good from compatibility point of view or not as i always see websites using just arial, tahoma, ... and its rare to see u... Read more

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IE8 z-index anomaly

Hi- I am experiencing a problem with a website update today -- It seems my z-index values are messing up in IE8. When you hover over the menu on the left, submenus pop out, but in IE8 the submen... Read more


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Page Alignment for my Site

Good Day: I have been viewing my site on a number of platforms, including the ASUS Netbook, which i did today. What is the easiest and most efficient technique for displaying my page in ... Read more


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