Totally stuck with an IE7 CSS bug...

Hi all, I'm working on this website - [][1] - which is a custom skin for the e-commerce site Big Cartel. Forgive the messy CSS files, I will be cleaning them up later!... Read more


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Checkbox vertical aligment cross browsers and operating systems

Dear all, checkbox alignment with its label (i.e., vertical centering) across different web browsers and operating systems makes me crazy. Pasted below is standard html code which I use <... Read more

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How do I align form elements in a cross-browser way?

Is there a best practice for elements like textarea, select and input to set their sizes so that they fill the available space to 100% and have aligned (left and) right borders? It looks like th... Read more


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How can I center a table in IE?

Simple question. Don't know about the answer though. This is what I use to center tables and it works, on Chrome at least. Read more

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Best cross-platform fonts

Hi all, I've been developing my portfolio website, and have been using Tahoma as my font for my text-based logo. I have it aligned in such a way that my logo and my menu sync up nicely. Anyw... Read more

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Using floats, how do I create a cross-browser grid of variable-height cells?

I have an unordered list containing several items, each with a variable amount of text inside. Each item has a fixed-width, and my list is also fixed-width to ensure that 4 'columns' are displayed.... Read more


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100 horizontal cross-browser menu HTML/CSS?

How to make 100% horizontal cross-browser menu HTML/CSS? 1. with keeping clean HTML, li list 2. no image/javascript, tableless, W3C standards compliance ... Read more


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Problem with :hover/onmouseout event on nested divs

I'm creating a menulike collection of nested divs (there may be better ways to do it, but this method seems to work fine for my purposes), and have sets of divs become visible when their parents ar... Read more

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Horizontal navigation bar not floating properly in IE 7

Hi, For some reason the subnavigation bar on this website is not floating properly in IE 7, though it looks alright in IE 6 and IE 8. No problems on other browsers as well. Any clue what t... Read more


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Overflow hidden doesn't work on text in ie8

I'm having a cross browser issue on this page: [][1] In IE8 the slider at the top of this page doesn't display text correctly. Wh... Read more

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