CSS Image Sprites

Can't manage this first attempt at using navigational image sprites at all. Here's the HTML: <a... Read more


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Problem using css sprites as the background for title.

Hi, I have a master css sprite for my website. Now I have problems with backgrounds for few article titles. I created image with rounded corners. Now I apply this background for my title, I dont... Read more

2 answers Latest by cyrylski over 8 years ago

Can you use CSS sprites without a list? If not how can you...

set it so there is a div that stretches to the left a div the list in between and a div that stretches to the right of the page. I can not figure this out thanks for your consideration. Read more

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IE6 CSS sprite weirdness

Or maybe the weirdness is my own doing. My first foray into CSS sprites, using the technique for a horizontal menu. Each item on the menu corresponds to a page on the site, and I'm using a "selecte... Read more


2 answers Latest by Tony Crockford almost 9 years ago

Maintaining CSS sprites

Maintaining CSS sprites can (will) be a hassle once your team consist of several developers and designers, and the site has regular design tweaks. Do you have any best practices and advice on h... Read more

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