Tool for finding duplicate CSS rules?

As I have read in my mobile web development book, rules that over-lap between desktop and semi-mobile versions of the site, need to be consolidated into their own common section of CSS so there are... Read more

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Table and image alignment

I have just finished designing a website for my husband. I am not a web designer by profession. I am having trouble lining up my tables with images and need to center them in the page. This pro... Read more

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Why does display:table-cell not center content without display:table?

I'm looking for the most efficient (or elegant) way to vertically and horizontally center content of variable height. I've come up with this: [][1], which uses css t... Read more

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Writing CSS to Cover All Form Elements

Hello, I want to write some CSS selectors (actually jQuery selectors) that allow me to target every form element with a specific id prefix. I want to copy as little code as possible without usin... Read more

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How do I set up an if/or condition, such that my design changes based on the user's browser's font size?

In chrome, for example: Wrench>Options>Under The Hood>Change Font and Language>Serif Font>Change>Font Size=24+. Obviously, I'd want to shrink the sheet size and make it so that code boxes that ... Read more

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HTML5 IE Problem

This has been giving me a headache, but the navigation list don't display as inline in IE browsers 6-8: [][1] That's the site, and this link is a ... Read more

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Property border-radius doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in : 6px 6px

Hello, I am new in web designing. I have some probuelms in my website. Firstly That is not cross browser website and I want to make it. But I don't know how to do this. I have read some articals... Read more


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Tool for Querying CSS Rules?

Does anyone know of a tool for querying CSS Rules? For instance, say I wanted to find duplicate rules in my CSS which contained a selector of .navigation ul li AND a CSS rule of `width: 33.333... Read more

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HTML element to use for a CSS image

I'd like to replace most/all images on a site with CSS, and I was wondering which HTML tag was the most semantically meaningful to use to apply the background-image element to. I'm going to be repl... Read more

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Will this show up as a clickable image?

Is this valid or did I just make this up? Read more

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