zig zag overflow

Anyone know if it's possible (in css or js if not) to have an overflowing list zigzag, rather than always left to right? Eg: 12345<u... Read more

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Baseline line-height?

I read that the baseline font for a page could be something like: body { font: normal 100% DroidSerif; /* 16px */ } And then from there if you want to set a scalable font si... Read more

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IE7 - Elements misaligned on page load, magically realign themselves on mouse movement

When looking at the site in IE7, the header banners and nav menu seem to randomly appear and disappear. Have look at several posts regarding this, but have not been able to solve it. I am hopeful s... Read more


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Totally stuck with an IE7 CSS bug...

Hi all, I'm working on this website - [http://www.ecruprint.com][1] - which is a custom skin for the e-commerce site Big Cartel. Forgive the messy CSS files, I will be cleaning them up later!... Read more


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How to center both the text and image on this page?

I have a problem with this page: http://statehousehotel.com/kiosk/ It seems okay at a normal browser width; but, the logo and the three lines of text under it do not center with each othe... Read more


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How can I do a text gradient with a drop shadow on a gradient background?

Here's what I need to pull off in CSS (it's terribly ugly, but it shows my problem well as an example): ![Gradient example][1] We've got a gradient over text with a drop shadow on a backgroun... Read more

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How to make entire page a link?

I'm making a web-based kiosk. We would like the entire home page to be clickable, to go to the second page. Here is the link to the page as it is now: http://statehousehotel.com/kiosk/ I ... Read more


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CSS sprites not working in FF at work.

The following URL: http://geo.trippy.org/ has a whole mess of brilliant buttons on the right that I use for my "links". I spent a fair amount of time converting them all into one image that I... Read more

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Using divs to hold background elements, but z-index not working as expected

I have a website that consists of a 960px wide #page-wrap, and inside, the usual #header, #content, #footer. However, I would like to add some visual elements to the edges of some of these divs, an... Read more

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Get floated divs to pass each other in 2 column layout (sort of like Facebook Timeline)

I'm creating a site that has two columns with content of variable height stacking into both columns. The client really wants it to look like the Facebook Timeline, where the content flows nicely in... Read more


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