How to find inspiration?

I am 18 years old and have been making website for at least 4 years, I'm pretty good with the programming part of web design, but lack creative vision. Every website I make seems boring and so stan... Read more

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What are current design trends?

The question is very open-ended. So let me clarify. I am a programmer primarily and feel that I lack design "sense". I have a webapp, which I designed (not much of a design) in 2010. The ap... Read more

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Improve this design?

I'm a programmer, and I have this basic UI for displaying user's information and reports that they have accrued. Here is an example of one such user with a report. Right now, the report part sh... Read more

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Automatic layout of user entered content

This is a fairly vague question in which I'm looking for a website design concept, so please bear with me (first time here too, so sorry if this is off-topic) I'm looking for inspiration on ways... Read more

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Is there a design pattern for a large, multi-selectable, list of categories?

I've got a site where users can post their goods for sale. When posting, they can choose multiple, predefined categories. Problem I'm trying to solve here, how to present this large list of cate... Read more

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HTML/CSS Design for Report

I'm looking for some resources that demonstrate good graphic design for generated (PHP/HTML/CSS) reports. The website I'm designing is essentially a long test. Everything is finished except the ... Read more

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How do I go about designing a website?

Hello, I have been tasked with creating a website for my company. I have no problem creating the markup and CSS and getting everything to behave how it should by the design (except for maybe in... Read more

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How would you improve navigation on this horizontal menu?

You can [see the current menu here][1]. Some ideas I had were something similar to [][2], to create a more tabbed interface, than a sub-horizontal menu under it. Separating out the ... Read more


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I'm a developer needing a tool to help visualize my ideas for the web designer to use. Any help?

I'm a developer, not a web designer. I can put together some HTML and stuff, but it's just not pretty. I can hand-draw my basic ideas as well and give those to the designer to inject their creat... Read more

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how to create logo

Hi can anybody tell me or point me to right direction on how to create memorable logo, by memorable I mean plain and simple like doctype or stack overflow logo. I'm having problems with picking... Read more

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