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SEO concerns regarding html styled with "display:none"

Hi, I have a page with a lot of tab panels, and using jQuery to control it. All of the tab panels are on the one page, and to prevent the dreaded FOUC (Flash of Unstyled Content), I've styled a... Read more

4 answers Latest by Shalan about 9 years ago

How to style tag with CSS to get a specific display result

I need to style with CSS the following HTML code: Featured Content To make it look like on the following picture: ![alt text][1] [1... Read more

1 answer Latest by danwellman about 9 years ago

Galleria not displaying properly on initial load in jquery-ui-tabs axajed iframe

Hello, I have been trying to get this sorted out for two weeks now, and I guess I just don't understand/know enough javascript (jQuery specifically) to get it right... The scenario: I have a tab... Read more

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How do I Traverse HTML using JavaScript to change TD background colors?

I have the HTML code below: Split/Skill CIQ EW... Read more

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Javascript if then statement var > 2 not working should be simple right? but it's not

I have this function: function changeTDNodes() { var mycurrent_cell = document.getElementsByTagName("td")[19]; var ciq = mycurrent_cell.innerHTML; ciq=parseInt(ciq) `if (ciq>... Read more

3 answers Latest by Andrew Madison over 9 years ago