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How can i change superfish chilled nav menus font color?

I'm using superfish menu on drupal 7 and i have created this menu but i can't find and change the sub-menus font color to make it deferent from the parent font-color. how can i change th... Read more


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Can't get menu working the way I would like to in Drupal 6

Hello! I've been trying to wrap my head around Drupal's menu system, with little progress. I've just started working with Drupal having come from using DotNetNuke. Please, please, please help m... Read more

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How to load data and save data from database in drupal using json

Load data from server side and save modified data to server side (database)using json in drupal module Read more

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How to organize product catalog site in Drupal 6?

Hello there, please advice me how to organize product catalog site with such structure (this is pages which should be in site map): - Home page - About Us -- Team -- Contacts... Read more

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CSS Layout not working in IE7 (Drupal Theme)

I'm working on a project whereby the University has full control over the source code (Drupal) and all I can do is CSS Overrides in the theme area. The problem that I'm having is that the header... Read more

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drupal: can I open nodes from Views, without refreshing the page ?

can I open nodes from Views, without refreshing the page ? (just sliding other content to the right) Read more

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fusion charts drill down feature in drupal

How can i implement a drill down fusion charts in drupal. I have gont through the fusioncharts_test.module but i got no idea. My question is I want to implement fusion charts based on user logins a... Read more

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What is the best way to display table info from MySQL on a Drupal site?

We want to have a user insert an account number and have invoice information be displayed that is stored in a MySQL database. Is there some sort of plug in, module or something that we should use ... Read more

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Finding a Drupal theme for news website

I am trying to finding a suitable Drupal theme for a news website. My requirements are: the ability to put in the login block and the user information menu at the top of the screen. the... Read more

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