What Are the Best Ecommerce Hosting Features?

Hi ! According to you What are the best Ecommerce Hosting features? Read more

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Should a mini-cart be visible at all time, on every pages.?

I'm updating/redesigning an e-commerce website. One of the feature available is a mini-cart. It's visible in the right column of a 3-column layout and underneath it, you have other modules: news,... Read more

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What is B2G in e-commerce?

What is a B2G?Is onvia.com a B2G website?(government bidding and contracts opportunities)What sort of B2G business model is it? Read more


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What is a good CMS for an E-commerce site?

Hi, I am about to build my first e-commerce site. I haven;t really played around a lot with e-commerce sites in the past but I have experience with other CMS systems like Wordpress, EE, ec. So ... Read more

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Lots of content in one homepage

Our site has a LOT of content. We have a large shop, pictures, forums, videos, plenty of community tools, "featured" stuff, news, ... As the site grew, our homepage became a little messy. We ... Read more

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United Kingdom as a country field

We are expanding our online shop to the UK. We have a drop-down to select a country for shipping and billing address. However when it comes to the UK, I get really confused. United Kingdom, Great... Read more

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Need an open source or commercial ecommerce system specifically for accommodation booking

Hi guys. I've searched high and low for an eCommerce solution (both open source and commercial) which caters specifically for real-time availability based online accommodation bookings. Can anyo... Read more

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