Baseline line-height?

I read that the baseline font for a page could be something like: body { font: normal 100% DroidSerif; /* 16px */ } And then from there if you want to set a scalable font si... Read more

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When is it acceptable/unacceptable to use px to specify font-size?

From the W3C guidelines, one should avoid using units other than % or em to specify font-size in css. As far as I can see, the main reason is that this allows IE-users to change their font-sizes... Read more

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When specifying font sizes, how does pt relate to px?

When computing font size, I know that 16px equals 1em. What I need to know is: How many pt equals 1px? Read more

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Problem:YUI Grids and Large Font Size in IE6/7

I am currently working on a project in which we're using YUI reset-fonts-grid.css to handle layout & font reset. My layout is setup fine (using nested yui elements to get multiple columns, etc.). ... Read more

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