Is there a Jquery upon nav hover, rest of menu 50% opacity, but hovered item remains 100%

I've been searching for this, if anyone chances upon a tutorial like this, let me know! I know it can be done in flash, but i don't want to use flash in the site. Thank you. Read more

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How do I make an image fade in when rolling over an image map?

I'm kinda a noob at this... here's my source so far if it helps (I'm using jquery and a image map hilight plugin as well) HTML <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transition... Read more

1 answer Latest by John Turknett over 9 years ago

Want to change the fade-in direction of the jQuery Mega Menu v1.02

I downloaded and modified the Mega Menu script from, and I love their implementation of the mega menu. I need to ... Read more

3 answers Latest by Gary Hepting over 9 years ago

Fading-in an arbitrary image using jQuery

I am building an image gallery where I have a "preview window"(an ) that is floated left, and on the right are my thumbnail images. When the user hovers over the thumbnails, the preview window... Read more


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