suggestions for version control with fireworks?

Does anyone have experience with using a version control system like subversion to handle multiple users editing a set of fireworks documents? My task right now is to apply hotspots to a group of w... Read more

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Can Fireworks CS4/CS5 be reliably used to open and slice .psd's?

I have some experience with Photoshop, but I have much, much more experience with Fireworks. Generally, if I'm creating the design I use Fireworks; if someone else does the design it is often a .ps... Read more

2 answers Best answer by Tony Crockford

How do I make a logo with a transparent background?

I have Marcomedia FireWorks but am a complete newbie with graphic design. I would like a simple text logo with the area around the letters transparent, that way I can drop it on any background... Read more

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What are specific tasks you do in Fireworks and those in Photoshop?

Simple question: what jobs do you do in either of those softwares? Which features are particularly useful, which behaves better in FW and PS? I have just started to learn something more than ... Read more

1 answer Latest by Gary Hepting over 9 years ago

Can anyone explain with example what Fireworks's "Progressive Browser Display" does?

Is it useful? does it make image loading fast? Read more

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Is it neccesary to set image type to .png for transparent background?

I'm not familiar with fireworks, but I've seen many times people save the image as .png to keep the transparent background, is it neccesary at all? Read more

4 answers Latest by Battle Tested over 9 years ago

What's the common workflow to design a website from scratch to deliver using fireworks?

I just watched some fireworks video tutorials and was wondering what's the common work flow to design a website from ground to the point the site gets shipped. The tutorials actually showed me how ... Read more

2 answers Latest by Matt Cook over 9 years ago

Image slicing in Fireworks

I have finished slicing my image, but there are unwanted images which i did not slice. Please how to go about this images, only showing me what i slice not what i did not slice. I am using Firework... Read more

1 answer Latest by Dwayne Anderson almost 10 years ago

Working with rounded rectangles in Fireworks

Is there a way in Fireworks (MX2004) to draw a rounded rectangle but only have one side of it rounded and the other side square? Say for instance i want the right corners rounded but the left strai... Read more

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