Unexplained bottom margin on flash/swf file in Firefox

I'm having a strange issue with Firefox putting a ~5px bottom margin on an embedded flash file. I'm using Blueprint CSS & there is no styling on these sections other than what Blueprint puts on the... Read more

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Firefox: Flash links disabling themselves on window scroll

I have a [website design ][1] i'm coding for a client: I have flash links along the top and right of the page - all work fine when the page is loaded but if you scroll down the page then most or... Read more


1 answer Latest by Marcel almost 10 years ago

This Flash embed works in IE8 and Chrome, but not Firefox.

I snipped out bits of the standard 8tracks embed code to get something that wouldn't generate an error when sent as application/xhtml data. In doing so, I must have snipped something to bork Firefo... Read more


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sifr font sizing

Hi there, I'm having problems trying to set a font-size in sifr to 160px, but it won't render any larger than half of what the size i wish to acquire. Any ideas? Read more


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Is there any way to create an animated menu rollover without Flash?

I have a customer who wants their menu to have some reasonably simple menu rollovers. You can see the rollover in [10 frames here][1] from top to bottom. It should play through these 10 frames on r... Read more

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A few jQuery questions...

First of all, [here is the site I am working on][1]. I am trying to get a modal window to pop-up when elements in the Flash are clicked on. Which at this point I have about 90% working when you... Read more

2 answers Latest by Divya Manian about 10 years ago

Load a folder of images from external source with Flash?

I'm working on a photography website. I have a Javascript, PHP and CSS installation that loads images from a directory on the server and displays any image in that folder on the site in a gallery (... Read more


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