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Two column layout, one fluid one fixed

Seriously, how hard does this have to be still, now in 2011 with HTML5 and everything? What I need is two column layout, left fluid, right fixed to say 200px, between them 50px of margin and, and ... Read more

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Break Table cells design into Tabless Layout

Can anyone help me breaking this code: [Table Layout - Gradient Panel][1] Into a Tabless layout using only divs? The main purpose is to make the content area width and height fluid and k... Read more

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Centering elements in a fluid layout

I am having problems centering elements in a fluid layout where the screen size is less than the screen size I'm developing on (1440 x 900 px). For example, if you go to w... Read more


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Simple 2-column fluid layout with no header/footer: how can I vertically stretch this div to the bottom?

I'm trying to make a simple 2-column fluid layout without a header or footer but whenever the main content is longer than the sidebar, the sidebar refuses to stretch vertically down the entire page... Read more


3 answers Latest by Jude Hansen about 9 years ago

How to do fixed columns and fluid backgrounds?

First off, [here's a screenshot][1] of my Photoshop screen with some notes. Now, what I'm trying to do is have the sidebar and then main content area both be a fixed width, but I want the backgr... Read more

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floating divs positioning (with javascript?)

This is a rather open question. I started running a blog at [][1]. I will explain my question with two screenshots: ![alt text][2] ![alt text][3] What I am doing now is ... Read more

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floating dt inside fluid 2 column layout

This has been driving me nuts... Why do my "hello"s float to below the bottom of the content in the leftnav? I want them beside the "there"s so they read "hello there" thanks for your help ... Read more


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Fluid layout -- Height and width

I'm trying to find a way to make a completely fluid layout for a control panel I'm designing. The design should have a header with a variable height, and two columns under the header. The left c... Read more

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Help making 2 column layout partly fluid with CSS

I'm just a hobbyist, and anyway, I've been trying for a while now and can't get it right. I want to have a 2 column layout, the navigation bar on the left. The navigation bar will have a fixed widt... Read more

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Why isn't my 'main' column fluid in Firefox?

Hi guys, I am a bit stuck! I have a container div (main) holding my 2 content divs (content and sidebar) which has a repeated background vertically. In IE the container grows fluidly with the co... Read more


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