Weird Font Declaration

Hello, I saw this font declaration on a [webpage]1 and I don't understand what it does. I googled, but no results. Any idea? font: .81em/150% Arial, Helvetica, san... Read more

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Determine (estimate) text size for HTML render

Hello. My problem is to calculate book paging in a web appplication I develop, it has functions alike Google Books and Kindle Web Reader. A paging (that acually defines what word on what pa... Read more

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How can I set a font-size that is consistent between browsers but is also resizable?

If I use font-size:normal, the font is considerably larger in IE than FF. If I use font-size:10pt, the font is consistent between browsers, but IE won't change it when the user selects View ... Read more

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prevent text from resizing

Hi all, it was my understanding that text set in pixels won't resize - and therefore to support accessibility it is better to use ems. For certain elements in a site I'm working on, however, I wa... Read more

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When specifying font sizes, how does pt relate to px?

When computing font size, I know that 16px equals 1em. What I need to know is: How many pt equals 1px? Read more

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Font sizes and px, what is the reality?

I know pixels aren't the best way to specify sizing in CSS, but I've always wondered specifically what it means to say.. this font should be 100px. If you were to put a page together and set the... Read more

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