footer wont stick in ie7

I've looked at a lot of the boards with no resolve yet... I can't for the life of me get the footer to stay at the bottom in's at Read more

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Another Footer Question.

Hello again. I have a wrapper div that contains all my content, including the footer. The wrapper is 960px wide and height is set to auto on most pages, but not all. How do I get the footer to s... Read more

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Getting the footer down

I used the method described in [this article][1] to get my footer down. Worked beautifully, except it floats ~3 pixels above the bottom of the page: [screenshot]( Read more


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How can I get my Footer to span the width of the page?

Doctypers, I am working on a Wordpress theme and am having an issue with CSS/HTML. How can I get the Footer Widgets section to span the entire width of the screen instead of being boxed into ... Read more

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How do I get a footer to sit below absolutely-positioned elements?

I have a page like this: ... ... <div i... Read more

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Resize problem

When I resize my footer does not fill the rest of the page when the window is resized. For instance if i have the window sized at 400px then the footer will not go any further even though it is tra... Read more

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Trouble centering a UL

I have a basic site at and I'm using a UL for my footer. For some reason I can't get the UL in the footer to center align. I've tried all kinds of different style attributes (m... Read more


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Footer to stay at bottom of page/content

I have a footer which I'd like to stay at the bottom of the page. I mean, if there is content which creates a scroll bar, it should be after the content. If there is little content, it should be at... Read more


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thinkgeek: how does their footer hidden graphic work?

Okay, go to [the page][1] and scroll to the bottom: You'll notice the background at the bottom changes as you scroll. For the life of me, I can't figure out how they did this. Any ideas? It's prett... Read more

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Cannot get a working sticky footer working with YUI Grids

I'm working on a site in my free time which will hopefully become a template of sorts eventually. This is the first time I've done web coding in a long time. The site is purely HTML/CSS at the m... Read more


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