Need an iPhone style photo gallery using HTML/CSS/JS

I'm creating a phonegap application for iPhone. I need to embed a photo gallery anything like the native photo gallery app. Does anyone know any customizable gallery made using HTML, CSS and Javasc... Read more

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I came across this site selling protecting mats for [garage floor][1]. And they have a nice photo gallery at that i want to add to my website. Does anyone know easy scri... Read more


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How do I revert Lightbox (Fancybox) image and youtube links to normal on iPhone?

I have thumbnails which pop up via Fancybox (a lightbox alternative) but am coding a more iPhone friendly version where I would like the links to just link to the associated image or youtube page, ... Read more


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In html5, should I use <figure> for each picture in picture gallery?

In html5, should I use `` for each picture in picture gallery? The document contains an article with only pictures. The order is the gallery order, and have no other meaning except from ... Read more

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Javascript Image Gallery - Firefox display problem

Hello, I'm trying to use a Javascript image gallery I found on the web (my Javascript skills are non-existent!) - the tutorial is here: Read more


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what's the best (php-based) platform for creating a portfolio site?

I've got a very simple site -- a few content pages and an image gallery. The design for the gallery calls for multiple albums, with thumbnails on the image page. We want an extremely simple, clean ... Read more

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I have a filterable list, can I link to one section from external link?

I used a filterable gallery example from netuts and it works great. If you visit the page you can click on 'illustration' or 'animation' and only show items relating to that. My question is can I h... Read more


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What is your favorite CSS gallery site?

Just curious which CSS gallery sites others prefer. I'll seed the list with: BestWebGallery CSS Drive [csswebsite][3] Read more

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Problem with using popeye within jQuerytool vertical scroll

Hi, I was trying to place a popeye inside a vertical scroll setup using jQuerytool, the popeye appear on as a scrollable as it should but as I scroll up, the popeye did not move up along with ev... Read more

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Recommend a JQuery/Mootools gallery with thumbs that switch a larger image?

Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a lightweight plugin for JQuery or Mootools that does something like [this (Pikachoose)][1] but allows the main switched image to change dimensions (mostly just... Read more

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