best text replacement using sprites

Turns out that text indexing (-9999px), negative margins and positioning are bad for google! [][1] What search-friendly techn... Read more

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SEO/ Google Ranking Help

Hi any one know how do Goolge search engine works? If i want my site should come once give name in goolge? Read more

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Non-indexed file (?) still found in Google

How is it possible that my page /admin/login.asp is found in Google with the query "inurl:admin/login.asp" while it isn't with the "site:www.domain.xx" query? I've this line of code in my robots... Read more

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Pages in Google cache, but I can't find the text.

I'm helping someone out with this website -> Google appears to have the entire site in its cache but if I search for some text from one of the sub-pages (in... Read more

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How do I add custom branding to a YouTube Partner Channel

My client's YouTube account has been upgraded to Partner status and we'd like to add customer branding. The example I was picking apart is Revision3's channel ([]... Read more

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Getting Google to index a blog correctly

My blog engine creates multiple copies of the same entry in different directories. For example, a given entry would have: its own unique URL a place in the topic index a place in t... Read more

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Does anyone know how to contact Google HQ in Cali by email?

Howdie my People, I would like to contact Google HQ at the location, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone: +1 650-253-0000 Fax: +1 650-253-0001 by email? Does a... Read more


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Reliable emulator for iphone and android/webkit browser testing

Anyone know of great ways to test iPhone and Android browsers? Online or desktop emulators? Web-based services like [][1] that support iPhone/Android? Note: I am on Windows, so I ne... Read more

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Avoid external image loading to decrease initial load time.

Anyone experiment with any server-side implementations to load external images with jQuery/AJAX and avoid slow page loading when you're bringing in content from Google, etc.? Ever since I posted... Read more

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Google says my website is the 3rd result, but it is nowhere to be found

I have the iGoogle widget that tells me how good my website is ranking. It gives me the following result: ![alt text][1] In the image you can see that I should be 3rd for keyword 'escorte' bu... Read more

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