Using Google Maps API to Recommend Restaurants

For my AP Computer Science class, we can do anything we want for our final project and I was thinking about doing something in web design. In my Marine Ecology class we are learning about fish righ... Read more

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Google Maps API - infoWindow not opening

I'm using the Google maps API (Version 2*) to render a map with images of people as the icons. However, if I try to have them open an infoWindow with their name when the icon is clicked, nothing ha... Read more

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Good Google Maps API guide?

I'm currently building a web feature that uses the Google Maps API, but I've found their own API documentation to be too extensive and immense. What I would like is a site with more examples or a g... Read more

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Setting height of a div relative to non-parent

I'm trying to figure out the best way to set the height of a div that I'm using for Google Maps. Ideally, the map would take up basically all of the window below a certain point. However, I can't j... Read more

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