What is the best style for this website?

I am creating a local computer repair website, I am not to great with graphic design so I wanted to ask you guys your opinion on the website, also what background would look good with the website.... Read more


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How to make such a layout look good in more than one screen resolution?

I've always been wondering how to develop a layout so that it works the same in any browser window on every pc. It'd be really kind if anyone could explain the main steps that you have to take to a... Read more

3 answers Latest by Menno Geelen about 9 years ago

How do I add custom branding to a YouTube Partner Channel

My client's YouTube account has been upgraded to Partner status and we'd like to add customer branding. The example I was picking apart is Revision3's channel ([http://www.youtube.com/revision3]... Read more

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Custom drop down list design

Hello, Is is possible to design a drop down list with custom graphics (for example see picture attached), other than using flash? Thanks, Read more


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What's the best choice to start with graphical editing tools?

Photoshop is much too complicated for me,so let's pass it. Is there any tools that functions well(not perfect is fine) but easy to comprehend? Read more

3 answers Latest by Matthew Rankin over 9 years ago

How can I remove the white edging from this image?

I've produced the logo included below for my new blog, a film/movie review site. The background of the site is plain black; the logo is a PNG with transparent background. When it displays on the ... Read more


2 answers Latest by Gary Hepting over 9 years ago

What is a good icon to use to represent "user reputation"?

There are a couple of ways to represent a user's reputation score on a community site: Straight up number, e.g. doctype and stackoverflow (clear and straightforward, though a couple of peopl... Read more

4 answers Latest by danwellman about 10 years ago