Looking for feedback regarding graphics, typography, laout, etc.

Which one do you like better and why? A. [Original Theme][1] B. [New Theme][2] (it should look like [this][3]) C. Improve [Original Theme][1] D. Improve [New Theme][2] E. Nuke and re... Read more

3 answers Latest by Mike Buttery over 8 years ago

How to make such a layout look good in more than one screen resolution?

I've always been wondering how to develop a layout so that it works the same in any browser window on every pc. It'd be really kind if anyone could explain the main steps that you have to take to a... Read more

3 answers Latest by Menno Geelen almost 9 years ago

CSS (only) Radio and checkbox styling

I know there is input[type=text], input[type=password]... But is there input[type=radio] or input[type=checkbox] ??? According to [W3C][1] this is possible, but my browsers (Firefox, IE,... Read more

2 answers Latest by campuscodi about 9 years ago

Why do my lines not align and why does it matter which joint style I use?

I have a problem that may be specific to Flash, or it may be a general issue with the way computer graphics work. I need to understand better what's going on, in order to find a solution. I'm dr... Read more

1 answer Latest by Marko Ivanovski about 9 years ago

Split Single Sprite Image Into Multiple Icons

May I know is it possible to use GIMP, to split a single sprite image into multiple icons? If yes, how? If not, if there any free tool available for me to do so? Thanks. Read more

3 answers Latest by Yan Cheng CHEOK about 9 years ago

Style/Graphics Not Showing Up

Even though the XHTML and CSS validate, none of the graphics show up. I can't figure out for the life of me why it's doing this. This has never happened to me before. It doesn't show on FF, Safa... Read more


2 answers Best answer by Lanny Heidbreder