How do I stretch the height of an element so that it extends to the top of a footer?

If you go to you'll see that I'm trying to extend the height of two columns. At the moment the problem is that the columns stretch so far that they extend into the fo... Read more


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Height in IE

I have the following CSS but it doesn't work in IE 6...instead of being 5 pixels the height in IE is stretched out: #family { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #58626E; hei... Read more

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Adjusting the height of a truncated div?

I have a .js file that we modified (from jtruncate.js) to allow me to insert wherever I want the div to be truncated, rather than by character points. This is because ... Read more


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Is it possible to create a <li> with variable height?

In the navigation bar shown in the screenshot, I'm trying to get the height of each of the list items to fill the entire navigation bar and to scale depending on the user's browser size or screen r... Read more


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Extending nested div height till the bottom of the page

Hi, I have a testcase (you can see it in [this link][1]). I'm trying to make div #bottom to extend its height to the end of the page. As you can see, the #wrapper div is already 100% height, but if... Read more

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How can I get floating div heights to match each other?

I have two DIVs that are floated to the left: CSS: #contentLeft { float: left; text-align: left; width: 185px; } #contentRight { fl... Read more

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Body not extending the entire page

In chrome my footer touches the bottom of the chrome when scrolling to the bottom of a page. however, in firefox and ie, it doesn't. looking at the metrics in firefox, the body itself doesn't re... Read more


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Sizing Copy Div next to Floating div containing image

I am working on a site with a text div which I have sized to 500px and am then floating a div containing an image to the right. Because I am floating the div it does not exist in the height of ... Read more

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How to make the sidebars automatically be extended according to the height of the mainContent?

When I make the sideBar's height "Auto" they become as high as THEIR content needs. My question is how to make them as high as the page (or the mainContent)I extends. Read more

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Is there any way to increase the hieght on a div by a specific increment?

I have a page with a bunch of divs that stretch vertically depending on the content. The problem is that there are background images that need to align just right. I know I can specify a fixed he... Read more

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