What Are the Best Ecommerce Hosting Features?

Hi ! According to you What are the best Ecommerce Hosting features? Read more

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Reseller Host

Does anyone know of a good reseller host? I'm looking after maybe 10 to 15 sites now and even though it's not my job it would be great to have them all under one roof and possibly make a little mon... Read more

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Cross-domain php includes within reseller package?

Hi, I'm working on a CMS of mine and I want to use a central library for all clients using it. This would have the advantage that bug fixes and updates can be done at a central point for all cl... Read more

3 answers Latest by Alan Plum over 9 years ago

Free Hosting with my own Domain Name

I have one static page and a few images I want to host, but I don't want to pay a monthly fee to host just one webpage. I also own a domain name. Is there a web host that has: no ads is f... Read more

4 answers Latest by Naveen Hegde over 9 years ago

How to persuade the client to change to a different web host?

I created a website for a client about 2 years ago. They had had a previous website, and because of this, already had hosting. At the time, I just stuck with that. However, they have recently got m... Read more

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ASP.NET and PHP host?

Does anyone know of a decent web host that provides both PHP and ASP.NET? Right now I have my personal website through bluehost.com. They are great but everything is PHP based. I'm doing a lot more... Read more

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How to be sure a domain is mine

Hi all, I've had this question on my mind for a time now, I've been wondering: how can I be completly sure that a domain is mine? it's mine just because I've the pass and user name in the hostin... Read more

1 answer Latest by Guffa almost 10 years ago

Does anyone use tumblr for hosting their site?

I'm thinking of migrating my blog to tumblr - i built the current iteration in a custom django app, but i'm finding it too much hassle to add features / maintain. I like tumblr, it seems easily ... Read more

3 answers Latest by Magix almost 10 years ago