Image hover rollover - two images

HI I'm wanting to have an image rollover where the rollover image is different in shape and size to the linked image. I'm having difficulties doing this in just CSS. If anyone has any ideas I... Read more

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link hover not working in one page in Firefox, even though identical code works in another page

I'm faced with a bit of a head-scratcher. I have a navigation menu whose hover state works perfectly in my index page, but not in my review page. Since this is the main navigation menu, I simply ... Read more

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IE7/8: div loses :hover if mouse moves over an iframe which is inside the div.

I'm trying to add facebook "like button" and twitter "tweet button" on a list, my list structure is: [list]     [listItem]       &nbsp... Read more

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how to create a table with rounded corners in each row and with tr:hover color change

a designer wants me to render a table with following features: each table row has a gradient background each table row has a color change on hover each table row has rounded corners. each t... Read more

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IE7 - Hovering links nested inside a div, causes the div to get a background.

Hey, I am fixing bugs in a website making it viewable in IE6 and IE7, and I came across a wierd bug: When I hover links that are nested inside a div element, the div gets a background color simil... Read more

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Hovering Div Shows a Hidden Div - Prototype

I have a few sets of divs that contain three divs set up in the following way: ... Read more

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CSS a:hover not functioning properly

I'm currently working on a website that was designed by someone else... someone without a good grasp of CSS. I'm suspecting her code is at work here. Basically, there's a very simple a:hover th... Read more


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Possible to use javascript to play YouTube and Flash movies on hover of separate image?

Im building a portfolio that contains some flash elements as well as youtube movies that we would like to display on our portfolio...the setup looks something like this... [sm image] [sm image... Read more

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jQuery image-to-text fade in/out swap problem

I'm trying to use jquery to swap between and image to html text/links then back again, seems simple enough but i get problems when I add a fade transition. How it's meant to work: on load jquery hi... Read more


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My hover effect doesn't work in Firefox! Help!

I'm trying something a little bit tricky (basically, creating a block which enacts a series of effects upon hovering). I've got it largely working in Safari/Chrome/Webkit and I've got it working in... Read more


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