Is it possible to use HR tag as a image ALT?

I want to display an image in the place of a horizontal rule(HR). But if user turned off "Display Image", then I want to show the simple horizontal rule. Is it possible? Read more

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HR styling works in Firefox but not Safari, Chrome, or IE8

[][1] hr { background: url('') repeat-x left top; border: 0 none; ... Read more


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hr line over img

Is it possible to place a hr element over an image? I was hoping to do with with z-index but I don't know how exactly. I want the hr line to go over the top of the img in div.rside parts of cs... Read more


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Is it possible to rotate an <hr>?

I want to make an hr line diagonal? How do I do this? Is there a way i can turn it Read more

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How can I use <hr> as a box?

I wanted to have boxes on my page. so I put ` in html then in my css file i put {width: 40%; height:15px; color: blue; background-color: blue}` how do I make the 4 lines around the ... Read more

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How do I change the size of an HR using css

How do I change the size of an HR line using css. I want to make it thicker. Read more

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