Full page styling issues

I'm building a test page just to learn the whole process from start to finish, rather than little bits of tutorials. I've hit a stop though, I can't seem to get the margin at the top of the page to... Read more

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How to create a CSS and HTML drop down?

I seen this question asked on here, but I would like guidance on it not for it to be made for me. I did a little googling and seen that it involves nesting s. I'm not sure where to go from th... Read more

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In html5, should I use <figure> for each picture in picture gallery?

In html5, should I use `` for each picture in picture gallery? The document contains an article with only pictures. The order is the gallery order, and have no other meaning except from ... Read more

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<meta charset=utf-8> vs <meta charset="utf-8"> in html 5

vs What is better supported in html 5? Read more

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HTML5 and the optional "type" property in script

I know that with the HTML5 doctype that "type" is optional in script tags. instead of sin... Read more

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Styling a 'Mc' surname.

Hi, I'm trying to style my surname, McFarlane, on my personal page. When I write my name, I usually place the top of the small c in line with the top of the F. I'm struggling to apply this consi... Read more

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How do I make a basic html css design of a box with image and title?

Hi. I am not a very good designer. At least not with html and css. I have been using a very simple code like this: color: #000000; border: 1px solid #000000; width: 225px; ... Read more

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Why is my HTML5 video not working in Safari?

I'm having a bit of trouble with HTML5 videos on my blog. In Chrome, the video plays perfectly, but in Safari it breaks. The video's player bar starts to load to the left of the screen, then a big ... Read more


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What is the most appropriate way to section off login info in HTML5

The website that I am putting together allows users to log in. Somewhere on the page, it will either say, "Log in: {Username} {Password}" or "You are logged in as {name}. Log out". What is the m... Read more

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Why my website does not work with internet Explore 7?

hi all, i was made my website more simple manner and finally the IE 7 was making a big puss for rendering it, i mean specially the top bar part, please help me on this. Read more


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