Charset declaration support

I want to change this tag in my webpages... ...into this: (I'm the "extreme minimalist" type) u... Read more

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What changes should I make to my CSS and HTML if IE6 compatibility is not required?

I'm thinking along the lines of selectors, is it a good idea to chain selectors? i.e. .button.medium.arrow It's a powerful trick and keeps things DRY/slim. It just feels wrong! Als... Read more

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Why does the Safari Web Inspector complain about unmatched </p> tags?

I'm using HTML5 <!DOCTYPE HTML> on a simple page with some paragraph tags inside of div tags, and list tags inside the paragraph tags. Firefox/Firebug seems to like it okay, but Safari (4.0.4) Web... Read more

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Vertical alignment Middle

How do you align vertically in CSS3 & HTML5? I want all the contents of the tag to align vertically inside the tag, without specifying a height for body, but the HTML being of heig... Read more


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Can a span contain a div in HTML5?

I know in HTML4 that a span (inline element) could not contain a div (block-level element), but under HTML5 I'm not so sure: The [span][1] element context is "where phrasing content is expect". ... Read more

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Best Practices for HTML headers?

What, aside from title, link tags for CSS and script tags, are good meta tags to include in any website? For example, I've been wondering about links to robots.txt, RSS and other features. Are th... Read more

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Why doesn't the HTML 5 meta charset tag work?

I thought the meta charset tag was used pretty widely already but the HTML below gives me the dreaded question-mark symbols on three OSX browsers: Firefox 3.5.3, Safari 4.0.3, and Chrome Read more

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Is it valid html/xhtml/html5 syntax to include a table inside of a list item?

Is it valid html/xhtml/html5 syntax to include a table inside of a list item? ... Read more

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Timed image (or page) switch

I'm trying to replace an image with another after 10 seconds. I'd be ok with replacing the image, using HTML, CSS, or JS, after 10 seconds, or by using any of them to automatically go to the next... Read more

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Best Practice HTML5 & CSS3 Resources

Where are the best on-line resources for getting up to speed and keeping up with HTML5 and CSS3? Blogs to follow, lists to join, forums to bookmark. If I want to be at the bleeding edge of page... Read more

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