CSS3 find first paragraph in an article.

I've got some code like this: September 16th, 2009 The title of the post Pel... Read more

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What are you most excited about in HTML5?

Personally the promise of audio and video tags to eliminate the use of flash for fundamental media formats seems pretty good. The addition of semantic tags will be useful when parsing scrape... Read more

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Are you using HTML5 yet?

I'm doing all my work going forward in HTML5, wondering if anyone else is adopting all or part of the spec? Read more

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When will the "loop" attribute be supported in Firefox?

As far as I'm aware, the "loop" attribute of the HTML 5 video tag isn't yet implemented in Firefox (as of 3.5). Anyone have any info on when this is due to be supported? Read more

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Does anybody know of a good HTML5 CSS reset? I'm looking for somthing similar to [Eric Meyer's Reset CSS][1] or [YUI reset][2] but which covers all the latest tags. I've had a look at the [first Go... Read more

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