how to have a seperate site for IE ?

My website works well with firefox and google chrome. But it is driving me into nuts with IE. So I thought to have a seperate site just with out the scripts and all (just a simple site) and a pop ... Read more

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IE7 is driving me nuts!

Hi everyone, I just joined today so I can ask this question and hopefully get some help. I am in the process of building a website and I decided to mock up a layout that would be the base for th... Read more


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Floating span inside a <p> with IE

I'm trying to set up a basic article header for a blog template, but IE can't handle a floating element correctly. I have this pretty standard code: ... Read more

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How to fix an image-align problem in IE 7?

I'm working on an html email and the logo in the top right corner should be right-aligned (works in Firefox). The email compatibility tests are coming back great. When opening in IE7, however, the ... Read more

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Dropdown lists in IE

I'm just starting fleshing out a site, here's the address: I've written a drop down menu from scratch, where the positioning works well in webkit, gecko and presto, but not... Read more


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