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Full iframe in Firefox/IE

I am working on a site on hindi movies, where I am trying to embedd an iframe (which has an embedded flash movie) in a page. Please see: [this page with the movie][1] In google chrome, the ... Read more


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Twitter Iframe Scroll Bar Style with CSS?

Does anyone know how to style a twitter iframe scroll bar? I managed to style other iframes by applying a style to the body tag but the twitter iframe is not styled by my CSS. Anyone know a way aro... Read more

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IE7/8: div loses :hover if mouse moves over an iframe which is inside the div.

I'm trying to add facebook "like button" and twitter "tweet button" on a list, my list structure is: [list]     [listItem]       &nbsp... Read more

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Gap inside right/bottom borders in IE6, but not in any other browser?

I have a development page live [here][1], which has an embedded Google Map. The iframe has a 2px solid border which fits the map perfectly in all browsers except IE6, where the inside right and b... Read more


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Prevent Third-Party Content From Displaying Inside a Frame

I was attempting to create a page with an iframe to a Picasa Web gallery (my own). However, when open it in Internet Explorer 8, I get the following message To help protect the se... Read more

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How to use Shadowbox with YouTube's new iFrame embedded videos.

Hello, I'd like to embed a YouTube Video using YouTube's new iFrame code so it can be seen on the iPhone. Here is the code YouTube gives: w... Read more

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Why doesen't my iframe show in IE?

I'm currently working on I'm running wordpress on the site and everything looks fine in Firefox and Chrome but looks awful in all versions of Internet Explorer. The prob... Read more


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Galleria not displaying properly on initial load in jquery-ui-tabs axajed iframe

Hello, I have been trying to get this sorted out for two weeks now, and I guess I just don't understand/know enough javascript (jQuery specifically) to get it right... The scenario: I have a tab... Read more

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IE ignores redirection header sent in an iframe

I have a website which allows resellers to put our login and registration forms on their website by means of an iframe. When either form is submitted, if there are no errors, the user is redirected... Read more

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DIV disappears inside IFRAME on IE7

Hi, I have a relatively simple page, which shows a large DIV positioned absolutely and anchored to all margins through CSS. With JavaScript code I show a smaller DIV over this large one. Then a... Read more

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