Image doesn't show up

I'm noticing that on the contact page, one of the images isn't showing up. I checked the path and it appears to be fine. Could it be something else I'm overlooking? Read more


4 answers Latest by Tave almost 9 years ago

Anchor tag containing only an IMG extends below bottom of image

I have an anchor containing a single IMG tag. With no styling at all (Beyond an inline border: 0px on the IMG) except default browser styling, the anchor extends below the contained IMG. Test ca... Read more


4 answers Best answer by Dan Matthews

Image off to the right by a few pixels

I have an image that is supposed to be the background of a navigation bar and no matter what I try, it always is positioned about 4 pixel to the right. At first I just thought it was because I slic... Read more

4 answers Best answer by Tony Crockford

How to I select the text for an image.

I am using images to display text in non standard fonts and I am wondering if there is a way to still be able to select the text in the image. I am thinking about putting clear text in front of the... Read more

4 answers Latest by Mottie over 9 years ago

Alt Text for spacer gifs?

Disclaimer: I completely understand if you downvote me a hundred times for this question, but I'm not going to convince my boss otherwise. I am fixing a legacy layout to be ***ahe... Read more

4 answers Best answer by ritch0s

Setting the width of an image in a table cell

I want to display a picture in a table cell. If I set the height & width attributes of the tag to 100%n how will the image be displayed, I.e.; at 100% of the original image size, or will it... Read more

2 answers Latest by Tony Crockford about 10 years ago

How can I create rounded corners for my PNG images in the same way that Doctype does?

Hi, I want to know how Doctype's avator images have rounded corners. I saw a strange url in firebug so I copied and pasted the url into the address bar and hit enter, then I saw that the image ... Read more

5 answers Latest by Tony Crockford about 10 years ago