How to float a horizontal list right with background image

I am trying to float an unordered list for a background image to the right of a div and I have almost have achieved it with the code below. However, I have had to use a fixed width to achieve this.... Read more


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Is it possible to place p tag inside a tag?

Is it possible to place tag inside tag? Also will W3C validator accept such attempt? If I'm correct, the p tag is block and a tag is inline, but I could change with CSS, couldn't I?... Read more

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what is the difference between these two lists?

Trying to get a horizontal navigation bar using a ul. Pretty straight forward, and something I've done plenty of times before. It is working just fine in every browser except of course IE6. I we... Read more


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Change UL to something that sits inline a <p>?

I have two links (see the blue 'illustration' and 'animation' on the linked page) that trigger a js filter through framework.js - as you'll see they are just words with a paragraph of text but the ... Read more


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IE 6 & 7 issue with displaying divs inline

RE this page: [][1] The thumbs display fine in FF, Chrome and IE 8 (inline, in rows), but in IE 6 & 7 the thumbs run in a single column down the p... Read more

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Inline CSS for Different Link States

Hi, I'm aware when catering for Outlook 2007 that you should place of all your CSS inline, rather than in the <head>, but how do you do this for multiple links states, like so: #footer... Read more

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autocomplete css with image oddness in everything except firefox

I have some very odd problems with CSS in an autocomplete form which shows some basic text along with images. It works 100% fine in firefox, but not so fine in virtually everything other browser. ... Read more

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How do I add padding to subsequent lines of an inline text element?

On Doctype itself I've styled the headings to be inline, with a background colour and padding. Unfortunately this only pads the beginning and end of each headline. Is there any way to add padding a... Read more


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