Jquery plugin and handcoded conflict

I am working on my portfolio site and am having a problem with the jquery plugin color box and a custom piece of JS [I got from this tutorial][1]. You can see the [live page here][2] The page... Read more


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Why does my website fail in Opera?

I'm having many bizarre issues with Opera none of which occur in any other browser including IE6. If you go to http://www.sydesign.co.uk you'll notice that: the text is getting cut off ver... Read more


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Need jQuery plugin that smoothly cycles images of various sizes

Title self explanatory. I tried using Nivo slider but the image that's fading out doesn't actually disappear...it just hides behind the one thats loading in. Thanks. Read more

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Fix image javascript rollover areas for IE?

I created these image rollovers to drive a slidedeck (jQuery based extension), they work in Mozilla and WebKit, but they fail miserably in IE (only working when you move the mouse down, not back up... Read more


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My jQuery navigation doesn't work in Opera

I have an animated jQuery navigation bar at the following site: [http://www.sdeyservices.co.uk][1] The animation works in every browser except for Opera (it even works in IE6!). Has anyon... Read more

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jquery jumps to top on click event, return false or prevenDefault doesn't work

Hi, I have written a simple jquery script for a content slider. My problem is that the screen always jumps to the top position of the parent div when sliding the content. I've tried return false... Read more

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Show Loading Image with Ajax/jQuery

My page content loads using a jQuery script - http://www.reverbstudios.ie/scripts/nav.js I'd like to know how to show a loading gif when a page link is clicked and automatically hide it again wh... Read more


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jQuery Masonry, Wordpress and image handling?

Hey all, I've got masonry working on my site [http://www.lovejungle.com/dev/testenvironment/?cat=4][1] But for the life of me, I cannot work out how the images are handled. Is ther... Read more


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jQuery Initial CSS Class Not Displaying

Hello! So I've basically copied a piece of Javascript functionality to create a slideshow for this website, but for some reason, the highlighted CSS class isn't being applied to the 1st item in ... Read more


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jQuery Initial CSS Class Not Displaying

Hello! So i've basically copied a piece of jQuery functionality to be able to create a slideshow on this website. Currently, everything is working ... Read more

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