Automatically open Web Inspector for popup windows?

I'm working on an app where I need to open a new browser window, and I need to debug some JS. The web inspector opens fine in the main window, but when the popup (new browser window) opens, the ... Read more

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how do i set up the html/css/js code to control the webpage initialization?

so that the upper part of the webpage can be displayed first, or the page would display only if all the web resources/elements are loaded? thx & merry christmas ! Read more

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[JS] setTimeout can't access any external vars

For example, var myMessage = "Hello World!"; setTimeout("alert(myMessage)",1000); That gives the error "myMessage is not defined". Read more

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Feedback on what I could do better please ;)

Hi guys, The company I work for has released a new design for their website and I'd like to have your feedback on it. They asked me to take care of the ux part and it'd be amazing to have the op... Read more


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Change UL to something that sits inline a <p>?

I have two links (see the blue 'illustration' and 'animation' on the linked page) that trigger a js filter through framework.js - as you'll see they are just words with a paragraph of text but the ... Read more


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