Expanding Divs and IE7

Hello all, I am not traditionally an HTML/CSS guru, I'm learning, and garnering wisdom as I go, however I'm stumped by the following issue. I have some expandable divs that work great in e... Read more

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Why is my carriage return in the editor affecting markup?

I was playing around today trying to get these 3 images to display side-by-side within a 300px wrapper (they were 100px each) with no borders or anything, just flush. The simplified code below work... Read more

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Why is this image clipped on the right but not the bottom?

I've got a pretty simple layout where I'm trying to clip images to a fixed size div. Clipping to the right works perfectly but I don't understand why the bottom isn't clipped in the same way. St... Read more


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Why does html widgets follow ther own rules of alignment?

Here is the problem, I created an HTML page as shown. And I expected the buttons and textarea to be at the same level, however the text appears to be one level above the other two controls. Wh... Read more


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floated elements look wrong in IE

I've just started designing a site, one of the pages of which has floated elements. It looks fine in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but not in Internet Explorer 8 (IE6/7 look even worse, although I'm ... Read more


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another question about equal height columns with divs and css

Hello, I would like to create a 3 column layout and have the following. I have included a background image to show that the margin should be kept the way it is. I have done some google research... Read more

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How do I keep a left margin to not overflow the logo?

The content always goes over the logo when you resize the browserwindow so that it is not big enough anymore. link text ![alt text][2] Read more


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GD Star Rating in Wordpress Sidebar

Hi, I use GD Star Rating plugin with my Wordpress blog. There is a sidebar: ![br][1] I believe it should look like this (without br in the middle): ![nobr][2] How can I fix this? ... Read more

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Fluid layout -- Height and width

I'm trying to find a way to make a completely fluid layout for a control panel I'm designing. The design should have a header with a variable height, and two columns under the header. The left c... Read more

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What's wrong with this page!?

Don't know where to start to figure out this problem with a wordpress post. No other posts are affected and there's nothing strange in the written content of the post...it was manually created unli... Read more


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