Changing indentation of nested lists in CSS

I've got a user guide with some nested lists, and I've indented the first unordered list by 2em to keep it off the margins and stand out from body text. However that's inheriting to the next levels... Read more

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Need help on the floating navigation....

I'm working on an open source CSS template that is inspired from Agile Zen. The source can be found here: When you open it up, you will notice that ... Read more


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100 horizontal cross-browser menu HTML/CSS?

How to make 100% horizontal cross-browser menu HTML/CSS? 1. with keeping clean HTML, li list 2. no image/javascript, tableless, W3C standards compliance ... Read more


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How do I remove the bullet points from an unordered list without removing it from the posts?

Hi! I have this php Related Posts <?php if ($... Read more

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Using an UL for navigation - LI not clickable (FF only)

I have the following markup: Home ... Read more

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Using sprites in a list, list's width is zero. Need to make list fill parent div.

If you look at my example, the divs should be red, blue, green, yellow. But the blue div width is zero even though I give it a width. Why? ... Read more


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float: right; on li without the elements being backwards?

I'm trying to create a tabbed menu bar. Essentially I try to create something like this without using a table: Some TitleMenu Item 1Menu Item ... Read more

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Stopping word wrap in a ul/li?

I have a ul that may contain list items that are wider than the space that I want to allow for them. I want list items that are too long to just run off the end and be hidden instead of wrapping. ... Read more

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Is there a way I can put some <li>'s in front of others?

Here is my page: [][1] I have an unordered list that has is using a tabbed navigation with a shadow graphic behind it. I want the 1st li to be in... Read more


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how to make li clickable for a target url?

I would like to learn how I can make the whole li element below, to be clickable for target_url. In this code, li box has greater width and height than the contained div's. So only the small pa... Read more

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