Broken Lightbox Thumbnails but link is correct

Hi everyone any idea how i can solve this? the links are all correct and thumbnails show on my dreamweaver, but when uploaded, they are broken. send help! Read more


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How do I revert Lightbox (Fancybox) image and youtube links to normal on iPhone?

I have thumbnails which pop up via Fancybox (a lightbox alternative) but am coding a more iPhone friendly version where I would like the links to just link to the associated image or youtube page, ... Read more


1 answer Latest by danwellman over 8 years ago

need help with jquery masonry and lightbox conflict!

Hi. Wondering if anyone in doctype can solve this problem for me. Refreshing the main page countless times will cause the pictures to overlap. i found a way to solve this o... Read more

1 answer Latest by danwellman over 8 years ago

Why isn't slimbox working for me? There should be a slimbox images between the h1 "Images" and "Click each image..." I've double checked my files and... everything seems to be in the right place. I just can... Read more


1 answer Latest by Sisira over 8 years ago

Lightbox: can I link to an image set without an <img> tag?

I have a set of Lightbox images that load as thumbnails on the page dynamically from Drupal. It's working fine. However, I'd like to have a seperate 'View Slideshow' button on the same page that... Read more

2 answers Best answer by Nate T.

How to solve conflict between Jquery Masonry and Lightbox?

Hi can anyone help with this? if [masonry][1] works, [lightbox][2] doesnt. if masonry doesnt, lightbox works. The scripts seem to be in conflict. I've already tried Jquery.noConflict and usin... Read more


1 answer Latest by Andy Ford almost 9 years ago

How to use Shadowbox with YouTube's new iFrame embedded videos.

Hello, I'd like to embed a YouTube Video using YouTube's new iFrame code so it can be seen on the iPhone. Here is the code YouTube gives: w... Read more

2 answers Latest by Bob Faulkner about 9 years ago

Lightbox 2 display problem in IE6, Please HELPPPP ..... :(

Dear all, I'm trying to add a gallery using lightbox 2 on my website. But I'm having problem with IE6, It's expand the div down itself, I've tried to google but I can't find the solution, I'm ... Read more


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Getting a "text lightbox" to fire onLoad...

We have an application that needs a text-based popup to fire when any pages loads. Envision a popup that grays the background and shows a simple white box with some text in it. Below the text is ... Read more

2 answers Latest by Rob DeSisto almost 10 years ago

How can I load an external site using FlowPlayer Overlay and iFrame?

I have, say, 20 links on a page. Each link needs to bring up a different external page hosted on another server in an overlay. Is there an easy way to dynamically change the src of an iFrame tha... Read more

1 answer Latest by Michael Gorman almost 10 years ago