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How to add link on CSS animations?

Hi guru, I looked up one of doctype's discussion - see link: [][1] I have managed to create a CSS animation and been tryi... Read more

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Problems with my active link

If you look at my coding below, my active link does not work. This only happend after I applied the doctype. Do you know what is the problem? <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 ... Read more

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My website's nav menu doesn't display in IE7.

I just finished a web site and have noticed that when I go to view it in IE7 the navigation doesn't show up. I cross referenced the issue and the nav is working fine in Opera, Safari, and Firefox. ... Read more


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facebook link preview not showing

I finished the new website for my company, and I wanted to publish it in facebook. I followed what I read and added: Read more

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why does link a href not work inside dd?

I have a dl tag, and inside it there is a dd tag, in which I put an a tag with a link. However when I click the link - nothing happens. I tried right-clicking "open in new tag" and that works. Wha... Read more


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How do I indent a link within my vertical unordered list?

I am having issues trying to indent some text within my unordered lists so that it doesn't go right up to the left margin. The problem is that when you hover over the each item in the list, the ent... Read more


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link rel=start|next|prev usage on 1st page or only page?

I've havent been able to find a suitable answer to this question, it seems that the documentation on this particular feature is still in its infancy. My question is; when on the first page do I ... Read more

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CSS Why won't this a:hover color work?

Here's the CSS for my nav-bar section: .nav-bar{ width:100%; background:#EDEDED; font-family:Verdana; font-size:13px; line-height:16px; color:#3D3D3D; ... Read more

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I have a filterable list, can I link to one section from external link?

I used a filterable gallery example from netuts and it works great. If you visit the page you can click on 'illustration' or 'animation' and only show items relating to that. My question is can I h... Read more


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How do I get a link's URL in a pop-up window to display in an existing window?

I have a main document open in a browser and I created a pop-up window (with a link in it) to display when I loaded the browser. I want to click the link in the pop-up window and have it display th... Read more

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