Changing indentation of nested lists in CSS

I've got a user guide with some nested lists, and I've indented the first unordered list by 2em to keep it off the margins and stand out from body text. However that's inheriting to the next levels... Read more

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How do I wrap list elements at word boundaries?

I have a horizontal ordered list with long list items. How do I get the list items to wrap at word boundaries rather than at list item boundaries? Here is the site Read more

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How do you create an arrow themed progress bar navigation.

hello there, I am trying to create a progress bar with CSS and I want it to look something like this: ![Arrow Progress Bar][1] So the progress bar has five basic steps and on each page a... Read more

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How do I get a list to clear a floated image?

I have a list and an image. At the moment the image is floated left and the list is not floated. The list wraps around the image and appears under the image. What technique can I use so that the li... Read more

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How do I indent a link within my vertical unordered list?

I am having issues trying to indent some text within my unordered lists so that it doesn't go right up to the left margin. The problem is that when you hover over the each item in the list, the ent... Read more


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How do I keep a list's indentation next to a floating image?

I have what should be a common problem, but I cannot find the answer, either on Google or on Doctype. I am storing blog entries as Markdown, as you do, and rendering them just-in-time for the cl... Read more

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Chad 25

Is there a design pattern for a large, multi-selectable, list of categories?

I've got a site where users can post their goods for sale. When posting, they can choose multiple, predefined categories. Problem I'm trying to solve here, how to present this large list of cate... Read more

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Can you use CSS sprites without a list? If not how can you...

set it so there is a div that stretches to the left a div the list in between and a div that stretches to the right of the page. I can not figure this out thanks for your consideration. Read more

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Email Marketing - How do I make a mailing list?

Hi I'm interested in creating my own email campaign with wordpress or maybe just in outlook 2007, but I'm usure which option is most suitable? They all seem to have so many functions. Mailchimp loo... Read more

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List alignement

Howdy Folks I was trying to remove the padding of a list. I managed to get it working with the following code: ul { list-style-type: none; padding: 0px; margi... Read more

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