How do I remove line breaks in nested lists?

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html lang= doesnt not generate list numbers in their respective language

Why is that the numbers generated by ol not in the specified language, hindi ? <!DOCTYPE html> Content-Ty... Read more

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Hover issues in IE7

Hello, I am having issues with implementing hover in IE7 (what else) I have a list of links like this: Link #1 ... Read more

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Why do bullets in unordered list line up in IE 7 but not in IE 8

Having some issue trying to get these bullets to line up. Displays fine in IE7 but does not line up in IE8: Read more


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How to change just the <li> bullet color on hover?

I'm looking for a way to change only an LI's bullet color (not the text of the li) on hover. [It is possible to set only the color of bullets with CSS][1], at least for an entire UL if not for an i... Read more

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Formatting a nested lists into columns

OK, I've got an interesting nested list that I want to style in a crazy way: First ItemShort Description ... Read more

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Restore original list bullet

I've a reset stylesheet that tells lists to remove their default bullet; { list-style: none; } If I want to restore that default bullet, how may I do so? I've had no luck trying to force differe... Read more

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