Alternative to margin-bottom

Hi guys, Very first post at doctype. I'm working a e-mailtemplates all the time, but a thing that really bugs me, is margin-bottom-support - or the lag of it. What do you guys use as alte... Read more

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CSS: vertical margins get cut in IE6-7 when floated

In IE6-7 the top padding (10px) of a.nav-btn does not show when the parent is floated. I thought adding the old display:inline; would do, but it does not work. .clearboth { cl... Read more


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How do I fix this problem on my website?

When the window is minimized the website pushes the content back and and replaces with white. the screenshots are located here: link to the screenshots, html, css Read more


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Margin problem in Safari

Hi All: I have a problem with margin on [][1] The three main page links (about, contact and portfolio) are all anchor tags with margin-right:20px In safari the first two se... Read more


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Problem with header and missing right space between table and page's border

Hi, I'm writing a simple web report with a simple layout for internal use. The layout consists in a header on top and a content below, usually a table and a little more (very simple). My prob... Read more

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How do I remove the gaps in my login box?

My login box displays fine in FF and Chrome but there are big gaps top and bottom in IE. I think it has something to do with my margin and padding. Also, the username and password fields appear t... Read more


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Why does this page shift down in Safari?

I've got a page that works correctly in Safari, but not in Firefox. In Safari, the top of the page has a light purple bar (presumably the body's background-color). However, this doesn't appear in F... Read more

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Why is IE7 removing the padding and margin from my headings?

For some weird reason, IE7 is removing the padding and margins from my headings on this page. Any thoughts? Read more

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Margin on child element moves parent element

I have a div (parent) that contains another div (child). Parent is the first element in body with no particular CSS style. When I set .child { margin-top: 10px; ... Read more

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Firefox 2 - Bug with margin on table

Given this HTML Code: A1 A2 A1 A2... Read more


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