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Jkmegamenu drop downs moving when window is resized

Hello, I'm using the JKmegamenu plugin to implement a megamenu on a website I'm working on. It works and looks nice, however when the web browser window is resized the drop down divs move. I trie... Read more

1 answer Latest by danwellman almost 9 years ago

jQuery jkmegamenu loses hoverstate in Webkit (Safari, Chrome) browsers

I'm having issues with the jkmegamenu on my site. Surprisingly the culprits are Safari and Chrome this time! First of all I needed to target the positioning specifically to Safari and Chrome as it ... Read more

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How to make JQuery Mega Menu anchor stay in hover state?

I am using the code from I have the drop working correctly, my only problem is getting the anchor link to stay in the hover state onc... Read more


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jQuery Mega Dropdowns - PNG issue in IE7 and 8

I found this article on how to create a Mega dropdown using jQuery. [][1]. It works great, however when I customize the look of ... Read more

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Want to change the fade-in direction of the jQuery Mega Menu v1.02

I downloaded and modified the Mega Menu script from, and I love their implementation of the mega menu. I need to ... Read more

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How to make jQuery Mega Menu drop up?

I'm looking at the code from this: I would like to modify the code to make the menu drop up instead of drop down. Can anyone help me ... Read more

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