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HTML select "title"

Hi, I am working on a site where to measure sports popularity, there is a poll with an HTML select menu, where users can vote for their top favorite sport with options say "Cricket, Football,... Read more


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ie7 z-index sub-menu issue using superfish and css3pie

i have followed nearly 10 or more fix suggestions to no avail. the submenu of my superfish menu appears behind the content in ie7 and ie8. the z-indices are right, and even show so in the html insp... Read more

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How do i get my Jquery image slider to slide properly?

Hi I am using this [jquery slider][1] for my site. I managed to combine it with this [easing menu][2]. The problem is the jquery slider is not working like its suppose to. To rotate continuously ... Read more

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drop down menu

Hello! I want to make a drop down menu just like they have on this site [][1] but i can't find a solution. So, I want that the bottom part of the menu is just text separat... Read more

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Can't get menu working the way I would like to in Drupal 6

Hello! I've been trying to wrap my head around Drupal's menu system, with little progress. I've just started working with Drupal having come from using DotNetNuke. Please, please, please help m... Read more

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Is there a Jquery upon nav hover, rest of menu 50% opacity, but hovered item remains 100%

I've been searching for this, if anyone chances upon a tutorial like this, let me know! I know it can be done in flash, but i don't want to use flash in the site. Thank you. Read more

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Menu stop second function from firing off upon other element using same function

I have 3 menus that use this .toggle and when I switch between menus it requires a second click for the menu to click on again. How do I make the second function stop if another menu is shown? ... Read more

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What is the best way to implement drop down menu in WordPress

Hello, I am creating a drop-down menu for a WordPress template. I have been trying to do so manually with CSS, but it is proving to be very trying, so I decided to use jQuery. I am wondering if ... Read more

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How would you improve navigation on this horizontal menu?

You can [see the current menu here][1]. Some ideas I had were something similar to [][2], to create a more tabbed interface, than a sub-horizontal menu under it. Separating out the ... Read more


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my menu don't show submenu's in IE8 on the server but on local is true

hi i design a website with visual studio 2005 and SQL database. i use menu from toolbox of visual studio and i set this direction "rtl" in a "div" tag , now my menu show in Firefox correctly but i... Read more


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