dropdown menu IE8 overflow hidden

When looking at the 2nd child menu drop-down (Portfolio>Music), it appears properly in FF and Safari, but not in IE8, where it is hidden by the 1st child drop-down. Any solution ? Thanks! Read more


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Chrome - problem with :hover and .active styling on menu item

If you go to http://anyjob.brightsitesconsulting.co.uk on Chrome you'll notice that when hovering over the 'contact us' button the white/grey background does not completely cover the button. There ... Read more


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How to avoid line wrap on mouse over of menu items?

Hi, I have a situation where it seems out of my control for a menu item to wrap to the next line when you mouse over a left column menu item or when that menu item is in the active state (meanin... Read more


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100 horizontal cross-browser menu HTML/CSS?

How to make 100% horizontal cross-browser menu HTML/CSS? 1. with keeping clean HTML, li list 2. no image/javascript, tableless, W3C standards compliance ... Read more


2 answers Latest by Vinny Burgh over 9 years ago

Strange Firefox behavior with CSS drop down menu

I hate to use such a vague subject line, but I don't know how else to describe this. Firefox has some sort of glitch, at least for two of us in the office, where it is not calculating the position... Read more

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Want to change the fade-in direction of the jQuery Mega Menu v1.02

I downloaded and modified the Mega Menu script from JavaScriptKit.com, and I love their implementation of the mega menu. http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script2/jkmegamenu.shtml I need to ... Read more

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How would you slice a menu like this

I have to slice the following menu I will use sliding doors for the buttons button i wonder how to slice and code the :ho... Read more

1 answer Latest by Samuel Cotterall almost 10 years ago

Simple implementation of Menu Button

Does anyone have any idea of an implementation of a Simple Menu Button, the kind which is used in Gmail for Labels and Actions, where clicking on the button shows a menu. An Example is available a... Read more

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IE7 div position:absolute problem

Hello, I'm currently working on a site with a left-hand side bar menu. The problem comes when I try to insert another menu on the opposite side of the page at the same level as the left-hand men... Read more


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