Menu stop second function from firing off upon other element using same function

I have 3 menus that use this .toggle and when I switch between menus it requires a second click for the menu to click on again. How do I make the second function stop if another menu is shown? ... Read more

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Implementing a dropdown within a carousel type of menu (overflow: hidden problem)

I would like to get some ideas on how to tackle this. We have a carousel type of menu handled by jQuery: Category 1 | Category 2 | Category 3 | Category 4 | Category 5 >> The arrow, w... Read more

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What free CMS and template combination will make my life easy?

I was trying in both Wordpress and Joomla to build a site with: The home page is a blog A horizontal menu on the top, linking to "static" (not blog) pages Each menu item has a hori... Read more

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How would you build this menu?

Hi, Background: I'm building a typical css menu that works perfectly fine as a prototype, however, I am now adding in the additional visual details. Problem: I'm hoping to code these up usin... Read more


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Sticky footer navigation like MOMA website

Hi - How would one go about creating a css sticky footer menu as seen on MOMA's website? I understand this is not great for usability, but it seems like it would work well on a simple website. Read more

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