Tool for Querying CSS Rules?

Does anyone know of a tool for querying CSS Rules? For instance, say I wanted to find duplicate rules in my CSS which contained a selector of .navigation ul li AND a CSS rule of `width: 33.333... Read more

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Why do mobile browsers download all the content of stylesheets and not just the content specified in the media query that applies to them?

I mean it seems to me like this makes the media queries intended purpose somewhat useless considering that all of the data (images and all) for the desktop version of a site need to be downloaded o... Read more

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Using media query for a mobile theme

I have the following that resizes correctly in my normal browser using media queries: When I shrink my browser size, it resizes to the "mobile" version. How... Read more


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styling select menus adequately for mobile browsers

good morning all! i'm struggling at the present time to style a drop down select menu that will fit into my current design for mobile devices (i.e. especially the iPhone right now) ![alt text... Read more

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Developing for mobile - the final frontier

Can anyone point me to some decent links/tutorials regarding developing UIs for mobile devices? I'm pretty happy with my current web interface, but it's definitely not mobile device friendly. Read more

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How do I revert Lightbox (Fancybox) image and youtube links to normal on iPhone?

I have thumbnails which pop up via Fancybox (a lightbox alternative) but am coding a more iPhone friendly version where I would like the links to just link to the associated image or youtube page, ... Read more


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Mobile and Desktop: Single Version vs. Dual Versions?

From the research I've done so far on this, the number one usability expert, [Jakob Nielsen][1], appears to say that at least two separate versions of a site are necessary (a mobile one, and a desk... Read more

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Mobile Optimized CSS-Reset?

Mobile devices require that you don't send them as much html/js/css as a desktop browser. So is there a pre-made css-reset that works well for mobile browsers, so that the page loads aren't as... Read more

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Mobile Web Site Design Suggestions

I have a simple blog about PLT Scheme development, but now I have site about mobile devices(one of my passions), then I want to make it accessible and have a very nice design. Then I want some sugg... Read more

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good resources for building mobile version of website

I'm looking for good resources that can easily explain how to take my website and make a mobile version of it. There won't be as much info on the mobile version as on the main site, but that's int... Read more

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