Opera Mini and Embeded Fonts

Can anyone tell me if Opera Mini supports the use of embedded fonts? The following code works in Mobile Safari, but it doesn't seem to work on Opera Mini for the iPhone. @font-face... Read more

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Mobile Web Site Design Suggestions

I have a simple blog about PLT Scheme development, but now I have site about mobile devices(one of my passions), then I want to make it accessible and have a very nice design. Then I want some sugg... Read more

1 answer Latest by FinalFrag over 9 years ago

Reliable emulator for iphone and android/webkit browser testing

Anyone know of great ways to test iPhone and Android browsers? Online or desktop emulators? Web-based services like [Litmusapp.com][1] that support iPhone/Android? Note: I am on Windows, so I ne... Read more

3 answers Best answer by Justin Workman