How to insert a row in a table and retrieve data from the table in a single SQL request?

I have a forum where every user has a username, a password and a unique id. I am assigning the id by making the 'id' field in the table by setting its type as 'int' and making it 'auto increment' .... Read more

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How did they make this shirt maker? I'm really interested how they achieved this. Is the php/ajax querying images from a data base every time a user clicks? Would this app need a ... Read more

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Webkit browsers default stylesheet keeps changing my font size

I narrowed down my issue to two browsers, Chrome and Safari, both webkit browsers. I have a form that is inserted via PHP, but whenever it is submitted, the font size changes to 16px which is the d... Read more

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How do I create a form with a variable number of rows?

Using PHP and MySQL, I have written an inventory program for work. It works well, but now they want me to add an "import" function. Rather than than ftping an Excel file to the server, I thought ... Read more

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PHP / MYSQL - Pulling LIMIT of rows from tables Based on Search

Hi, I am trying to run a search on mysql which is coming through but i am getting a duplicate on the number of rows to show per page the code is <?php /... Read more

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Accessing table data in a PHP/MySQL search

Hi there, I am working on a personal project which is using [this fine live search plugin][1]. I have had to do a bit of editing of the PHP code to get the output looking the way I want but have... Read more

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Problems with quotation marks in databases (but not stripslashes)

Hi, I have some articles in a MySQL database which I have inserted manually via WAMP/phpMyAdmin (I typed them in manually, rather than via an 'insert' statement). The problem is, that when I go ... Read more

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Wordpress - would you see a security issue enclosing db name, user and pass & code snippet in a custom page

In your opinion, how could this example code snippet compromise overall server and site specific security: bbd... Read more

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